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Mustang 101: An Evening Class for Adults.


By popular demand we created an adult class.  The first Monday of each month we teach a hands-on class and share our technique of working with Mustangs using their body language.  Each participant works with their "own" Mustang for the evening. Register here. 

Class time: 1.5 hours.  Charge: $40



We love our volunteers.  Volunteers help with our events, help in our classes and are invited to join us for our evening  grooming session with the Mustangs.  Volunteer Nights are held two times a week.

Prerequisite: Mustang 101:

Meet the Mustangs--Open House


Each year we offer one or two Meet the Mustangs Experiences.  A public family event when folks can come see and pet the horses and other farm animals.  It is great fun and we have demonstrations going on throughout the day. 

Team Building & Leadership Workshops


We partner with Jesse Johnson of 

Horse- Powered Leadership to offer workshops in leadership development and team building. Partnering with the Mustangs is a fun way for a group to interact and learn from one another. 

Group Visits


We can tailor a visit to to see the mustangs to suit your group's needs be it a family event, team building or horse lessons to learn about and from horse behavior. 



Stay tuned for information on this year's summer camps.