Our Training Methods and Mentors

In 2011, with influx of 10 rescue horses (Kiger Mustangs), Stacey expanded her teaching to include adults.  The horses were largely untouchable and the adult volunteers were inexperienced.  While demonstrating techniques for gentling these horses, Stacey found she was consistently using the words and techniques of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.    

The names Hunt and Dorrance are synonymous with Natural Horsemanship.  In fact, it was their techniques that gave rise to the development of the main character  in famous 1980s film, "The Horse Whisperer."  Buck Brannaman was their student and learned much from these wise cowboys.  The men espoused a philosophy that requires the person to learn to listen to the horse, to read the horse's needs and meet those needs as they ask the horse to partner with the human. 

These skills have helped us immensely with our horses and we found It was quite easy to see how these skills could  benefit the  human through increased  communication skills, increased confidence and, of course, empathy.  The lack of these qualities account for many maladies in the human, and here is an engaging way for horses to teach humans how to better themselves.   And they help us learn everyday.


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